Benny Galloway, Tyler Grant and Jordan Ramsey
Longmont Musical Potlucks (The series formerly known as The Rail)
Longmont Colorado

Unamplified, mikes placed in front of band. Marshal2003s>R44

set 1
01 East Tenessee Blues
02 Rabbit in a Log
03 What's Left Of The Night
04 That Kind Of Blue
05 Evening Turns to Ashes
06 One Town, One Tune
07 Me And You
08 Waiting On The Wind
09 Give Me Some Wings
10 Pride of Alabama
11 Poor Boys Delight
12 Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
13 Sugartown

set 2
01 If and When
02 Bound For Tennesse
03 Pride of Alabama
04 The West Texas Wind
05 Nothing To It
06 Rock of Ages
07 Travelin Teardrop Blues
08 Old Tramp Like Me
09 Lazy