Gang War
The Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ
December 2, 1979
Audience Recording By Skotf
Skotf Archive Vol. 255

Aud>Master Cassette>Stand Alone Burner>Wav>Flac

Johnny Thunders - vocals, guitar
Wayne Kramer - vocals, guitar
W.R. "Ron" Cooke - bass
Johnny Morgan - drums
Bob "Buffalo" Roberts - sax

01. --tuning--
02. courageous cat theme
03. ramblin' rose
04. london boys
05. these boots were made for walking
06. endless party
07. the harder they come
08. if you're going up to the city
09. 10 commandments of love
10. i still hate
11. m.i.a.
12. hey thanks
13. pipeline

14. just because i'm white
15. around and around
16. great big kiss
17. i'll go crazy
18. you can't put your arms around a memory
19. call me gypsy
20. gypsy (conclusion - sorry)
21. i can tell
22. i can tell (conclusion - double sorry)
23. courageous cat theme reprise
24. --crowd--

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