Garage A Trios
Pool Deck - MSC Poesia
Atlantic Ocean - Earth
Jam Cruise 9

CA-14 (omni space ~3') > CA-9100 > H120 (rockbocked)
H120 > macbook > audacity (fades/tracking) > xACT (flac)

01. ? *
02. ?
03. ?
04. ?

* fades in, not sure how much I missed from the beginning

Show Notes: Not really sure why I taped this. I was hoping to record a lot more than I did, but being my first time cruising, all I got was the sail away party and this little bit. I thought I was there and recording when they took the stage but I guess my memory is a little hazy as I missed the beginning. I was really bummed when the little spat of rain hit and I had to run to get the mics down. At that point I just ran them back to my room and went on with the trip, not realizing GAT would be back on. Live and learn. I was way too overwhelmed with the whole scene to focus on any one thing at a time, let alone recording.