Garaj Mahal
Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC
February 17, 2005

*24-bit/96kHz recording*

Recorded and mastered by Jim Pollock

Schoeps MK-4 (XY on stage)-> KC5-> CMC6xt-> Sound Devices 744T @ 24/96

16-bit mastering performed with Sound Forge 7.0 in order:
1. Fades added at beginning and end of each set.
2. Downsampling to 44.1kHz with anti-alias on at level 4 [best quality].
3. Dithering and noise shaping applied with Waves L1 Ultramaximizer Type 1 dither with Ultra Noise shaping, truncation to 16-bit).

Resulting 16-bit .wav files were split using CDWave. FLAC files generated with FLAC Frontend.

Disc One, Set One:
01. Tuning
02. Be Dope
03. Thursday
04. Stoked on Rasaki
05. Cosmic Elevator
06. Mondo Garaj

Disc Two, Set Two:
01. Tuning
02. Never Give Up
03. Ishmael & Isaac
04. Make a Hippy Happy
05. Weapons of Mass Destruction
06. Massive

Disc Three, Encore:
01. The Shadow