Garaj Mahal
Riverside Park
Liberty Grove Stage
Kipona Festival
Harrisburg, PA
September 1, 2008

taping info:
(2) Nakamichi 100 (cartiod capsules) w/ (2) Sennheiser 421's (rt. channel not working?) ->
Realistic 4-Microphone Mixer (channel 3 not working?) - Sony MZ-M200 Hi-MD Minidisc recorder.
What you're hearing is left channel Nak only, right channel Nak/Senn blend from d1t04 to closing remarks. the keen ear will also discern that the stereo is switched at the beginning of d01t04 correcting a set-up error.
(*) d1t02 consisted of several moments of rt. channel static in mixer channel 3 (the rt. Sennheiser). I re-recorded this track to two-channel mono using the left channel.

One Set: 81:50 to fit onto an 80 minute disc, eliminate track d1t07 and d1t12, but save and listen to them. worth it.

d1t01 Meatless Patty (pt.1) 2:17 ->
d1t02 Meatless Patty (pt.2) 1:26 -> *
d1t03 Meatless Patty (pt.3) 8:26 ->
d1t04 Today 5:37
d1t05 plug for new CD -> Semos 11:06
d1t07 Intro for Max Allen, Fareed drops the 'F' Bomb 1:11
d1t08 Uptown Tippitinas** 9:38
d1t09 Chester The Pester 12:50
d1t10 When The World Is Running Down... 9:34
d1t11 Billy's Bounce*** 7:30
d1t12 closing remarks

** with Max Allen- guitar (The Max Allen Band played prior to Garaj Mahal.)
*** this song was, in fact, written by Charlie Parker, NOT Trey Anastasio, as Fareed says at the song's close.

Fareed Haque- guitars, vocals
Kai Eckhardt- electric bass, vocals
Eric Levy- keyboards, vocals
Sean Rickman- drums, vocals
please see:

their new CD "wOOt" is available at and in stores Tuesday September 9, 2008. Buy it!
this show was presented on Monday, Labor Day, at Riverfront Park in Harrisburg, PA on the eastern shore of the Susquehanna River. the weather was perfectly sunny, with little to no breeze.