Garaj Mahal
Appalachian Brewing Company
The Abbey Bar
Harrisburg, PA
October 6, 2009
recording info: Lip of Stage, Nakamichi 300 cartioid caps -> Sony MZ-M200 Hi-MD minidisc,
(mics on "lo cut", MD on "low mic sensitivity". Sonic Stage -> WAV -> FLAC.
uploaded to Dime-A-Dozen October 7, 2009.

Set 1 84:55
d1t1 Never Give Up (13:36)
d1t2 Today (5:52)*
d1t3 Kai Bass Solo (5:52)
d1t4 Fareed Acoustic Solo (5:08)
d1t5 Chester The Pester (w/Happy Birthday Eric ending) (14:15)
d1t6 The Paladin (12:30)
d1t7 Be Dope (17:10)
d1t8 Happy Birthday Eric Levy (1:13)
d1t9 When The World Is Running Down (9:15)(burn to CD 2)
* w/o Eric who was having technicals with his keyboard.

Set 2 60.26
d2t1 Kai's Creepy Story (1:54)
d2t2 Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken (14:34)
d2t3 Eric Solo (includes "The Way We Were) (3:16)
d2t4 Poodle Factory (10:20)
d2t5 banter ((1:06)
d2t6 Long Form (18:29)
d2t7 band intro and banter (1:15)
d2t8 Who Knows (9:27)

Garaj Mahal is:
Fareed Haque- Guitars, Vocals
Kai Eckhardt- Bass, Vocals
Eric Levy- Keyboards, Vocals
Sean Rickman- Drums, Vocals

This show was a last minute substitution for a show cancelled at, I believe, Vassar College. The
crowd was very small, maybe 20 people, only half of whom were there for the music, the rest
seemed to be regulars who were there to play pool and talk, although many of them were won over by
the music.
Other GM fans who are savvy enough to upload this to other torrent sites, including are
welcome to do the honors.