Garaj Mahal
The Blue Note
New York City, NY
(late show Sat. October 9, 2009)
October 10, 2009 (12:45am)

recording info: (dead center approx. 12' from stage, seated, mics at
chest height. Not stealthed.
Nakamichi 300 cartioid capsules -> Sony MZ-M200 minidisc ->
Sonic Stage -> WAV -> CD WAV editor -> Flac.
by Doug Wolfe.
re-seeded to DimeADozen October 12, 2009 fixed
(I screwed up the first attempt. Sorry to those who attempted to d/l it.)

One set (91:19)
Disc 1: (79:53)
d1t01 house "quiet" announcement (0:29)
d1t02 Chester The Pester (16:25)
d1t03 Sean introduces the band (0:26)
d1t04 Today (7:06)
d1t05 The Paladin (10:53)
d1t06 unknown title (12:36)
d1t07 synth guitar solo -> unknown title (12:30)
d1t08 synth guitar solo -> Long Form (19:24)

Disc 2: (11:26)
d2t01 Bass Solo -> (3:30)
d2t02 unknown title -> band intros and thanks.(7:55)

Garaj Mahal is:
Fareed Haque- Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Kai Eckhardt- Bass
Eric Levy- Acoustic Yamaha Grand Piano, Synth keyboard
Sean Rickman- Drums, Vocal on "Today"