Garaj Mahal
Owsley's Crazy Diamond
Denver, CO
May 31, 2019

Source: Modified OCT (Optimized Cardioid Triangle) array (Sennheiser e614 mics oriented 180* and 74 cm apart; Sennheiser e614 mic in the center and 7 cm forward), Zoom F8 (24/48 wav)

Location: 2nd row of seats, DFC, about 10' above floor level

Transfer: Level adjustment, amplify, fades, track splits, and conversion to flac using Audacity; File tagging using Mp3tag; ffp created using Trader's Little Helper

Recorded and transferred by Lucas Lorenz

Set One:
1. Intro
2. Hindi Gumbo
3. The Shadow
4. Weapons of Mass Destruction
5. Semos
6. Prototype
7. Junct @

Set Two:
8. Intro
9. Cosmic Elevator
10. Pundit-ji
11. Witch Doctor
12. Breathe
13. Fareed Solo
14. Gulam Sabri

15. Jamie's Jam

@ with Javier Sepulveda on 14-string guitar

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