Folk Festival Leofels, Germany 03-Aug-1997 (opening act on Sunday, 1 pm)
Label: none
Sound quality: Stereo Soundboard DCC (SBD) > CDR

Now this IS rare!
New to DIME! Never ever shared anywhere else before - best version in circulation.
Sound quality nearly perfect, voice just a bit loud in the mix - but WHAT A VOICE!

FOLK ROCK from Sweden

This is pure live music – no overdubs have been added. Only a few seconds of track 1 are missing (taper slept long).

1997 Line-up (not confirmed for this gig):

Emma Haerderlin,
Jens Höglin,
Gotte Ringqvist,
Rickard Westman,
Stefan Brisland-Ferner

Sorry, no artwork, no track infromation

There is also an almost complete radio broadcast of this show on tape but the lineage is unknown and the beginning of the show is also missing.

Enjoy, have fun and spread!
Coverart and any help with the unknown track titles welcome!
Please use this show for trading only ~ never sell it.

...and NO MP3, please never ever!

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