Garbage - 1996-08-24, Reading Festival - pre-FM - M

By request this very afternoon no less than this ultrasonic, sexy beast tonic sees its about damn time DIME debut here and how.

"Are we not fixed?"


Reading Festival
Reading, UK
August 24, 1996
In Concert #97-13

Source: CD > EAC > FLAC 8 > TLH(wav) > CDWave 1.96.1 > TLH(flac8)


01: Intro Spots
02: Doug Podell Intro
03: Queer
04: Fix Me Now
05: Doug Podell Outro
a. 1-800-COLLECT Commericial (ft Phil Hartman)
b. Doritos/STAR WARS Commercial
c. Discover Card Commercial
06: Doug Podell Intro
07: Milk
08: Supervixen
09: Stupid Girl
10: Doug Podell Outro
a. Discover Card Commercial
b. Nestle $100,000 Commercial
c. Ovaltine Commercial
11: Doug Podell Intro
12: Vow
13: Kick My Ass
14: Only Happy When It Rains
15: Doug Podell Outro
a. Discover Card Commercial
b. Bantam Books Commercial
c. 1-800-COLLECT Commercial (ft Phil Hartman)

Total Time: 43:44

Original Seeder's Notes:

This is from an original copy of the radio show. It has not been altered. It includes national commercials and the songs are grouped as they were in the broadcast. Nothing has been changed. I own hundreds of original radio shows which I am posting. I know there will be people who want them with the commercials edited out and the songs indexed. Could I do that for any certain one? Yes. Could I do that for hundreds? No. Also, I wanted to present them in their original format. You are welcome to edit it however you wish. I have included a copy of the original cue sheet. The info I am giving was either on the cues or on the discs themselves, but I have not verified it to be correct. It would not surprise me if it is not. Unlike what I have done with posts at other sites I will only be posting these once. Once they are upped I will be deleting the files. This particular says it was recorded at the Reading Festival on 24 August 1996. Original airdate was the week of March 24th, 1997. CD > EAC > FLAC 8.

2014-05-03, mikedreams on...DIME

- Track/Set List

03) Queer
04) Fix Me Now
07) Milk
08) Supervixen
09) Stupid Girl
12) Vow
13) Kick My Ass
14) Only Happy When It Rains

- Full Setlist (per admin michi @

Fix Me Now
Not My Idea
My Lover's Box
Stupid Girl
Trip My Wire
Only Happy When It Rains
Kick My Ass
(Vic Chesnutt cover)

- This was the penultimate performance of the Main Stage, Reading Fest Saturday night 1996. Black Grape headlined. [Reading bill added c/o Garbage Base.]

- Files in same form as found kindly c/o ZOMB share from Deadmarsh. [Westwood One program, as well as Shntool and EAC text infos included.]

- Full-song sound sample par moi in comments down below.

- I'm only happy when it rains Garbage.

...Shirley, you're my reason to get off my death bed before bad moon rising.

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