Garett Brennan & the EbGb's
Doug Fir Lounge
Portland, Oregon

Source: MATRIX
#1 AKG C-414b TLII's (mid/side [card and figure 8], dfc, fob, 30 feet from stage at 8 ft)>
Silver Path interconnects>Apogee Mini MP>Silver Path interconnects>Edirol R4 @24/48.
#2 Midas Soundboard matrix XLR out>Segue Dogstar interconnects>
Grace Design Lunatec V2>Atlas Quadstar interconnects>Edirol R4 @24/48.

Transfer: Edirol R-4>USB>Dell Dimension 4600>Wavelab 5.0 (m/s source matrixed
and mixed with soundboard- 40% board 60% mics approx, normalized, downsampled
to 44.1, dithered to 16 bit using Apogee UV22R algorythym)>CDwave 1.93.3 (tracked)>
Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (level 8)>flac16. (shntoolverified)

Recording and transfer by Mark Burgin

DISC ONE: ALL {13:40}
01 Intro, [1:09]
02 Goodbye To All Your Lyes, [4:13]
03 Love My Baby All The Time, [3:50]
04 Fresh Off The Farm, [4:28]

Garett Brennan: guitar and vocals
Will Amend: bass and vocals
??: vocals

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tweener set for Hot Buttered Rum