Garland Jeffreys
Live at The Roxy
Los Angeles, CA USA

From my over the air master cassette -
WNEW-FM Simulcast > Technics Receiver > BIC Tapedeck
Maxell UDXLII Cassette > Tascam Porta03 Ministudio >
Soundmax Digital Audio Soundcard > Sony Soundforge 9 >
EAC > FLAC Level 6

Recorded and transferred by beatpop.
Posted October 2008.

Note: I had my original tape marked May 20, 1981, but I believe
I mislabelled it. There's a show on etree with the same setlist
that took place on May 19th, and at one point during this show
Garland mentions that there is a full moon that night.
Checking the moon phases calendar here:
shows that May 19th was the date of the full moon.

Garland Jeffreys was on tour supporting his then current album
"Escape Artist" (Epic).


01 Rough and Ready 3:17
02 Innocent 3:14
03 Christine 3:28
04 I May Not Be Your Kind 5:19
05 Modern Lovers 4:00
06 Graveyard Rock 5:07
07 35-Millimeter Dreams 4:06
08 Mystery Kids 9:11
09 We the People 6:28
10 Wild in the Streets 3:13
(tape flip, end of Wild in the Streets)
11 96 Tears 3:14
12 Cool Down Boy 13:23
13 R-O-C-K 4:52

Total Running Time: 68:57

The Band (as listed on

Garland Jeffreys - vocals
Martin Belmont - guitar
Artie Funaro - keyboards
Steve Goulding - drums
Brinsley Schwarz - guitar
Brian Stanley - bass

Garland Jeffreys info: (official site)