Garland Jeffreys In Concert IN WXPN World Cafe in the City Philadelphia PA USA 06-24-2011

taped by Tony (IMAGEMAN2005)

Audience recording

audio recorder Edirol R-05HR/ microphone homemade model 2023

Sound edited by ANE (FLIPP022)

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09 tracks

Courtesy of the artist

Garland Jeffreys.

Set List

01.Coney Island
02.I'm Alive
03.35 mm Dreams
04.I May Not Be Your Kind
05.Love Is Not A Cliché
06.John Lee Hooker
07.Wild In The Streets
08.Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll
09.Modern Lovers (Encore song)

June 23, 2011 Veteran New York City songwriter Garland Jeffreys
has done it all. His discography stretches back to the 1960s, when he met Lou
Reed before The Velvet Underground and played at countless Manhattan nightclubs.
He's been called an edgy urban poet, the sound of New York, a confessional
singer-songwriter and an explorer of the links between rock, race and rebellion.
His Atlantic Records version of "Wild in the Streets" has become an anthem for
skaters, and he's been featured in Martin Scorsese's documentary on blues music.
Jeffreys' new album, The King of In Between, is a fantastic blend of rock 'n'
roll, reggae, blues and soul, full of poignant social commentary. He performed
songs from the record at World Cafe Live on Friday, and you can listen to the
entire concert right here.Related NPR Stories
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