Garland Jeffreys
Ramshead Tavern
Annapolis, Maryland

***This torrent is incompatible with the CD-Audio standard.
The sound is in 24-bit stereo sampled at 44.1 kHz.*** see notes below

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-2 (cardioid) > Edirol R09HR (24/44.1)
One table from center, one table from stage; mics at ~ 5' high
SD > HDD > Nero Wave Editor/Audacity > Traders' Little Helper > 24 bit FLAC

Taped by: billfloyd
Transferred and Seeded by: billfloyd

Set List:
01 Intro
02 Coney Island Winter
03 I'm Alive
04 35mm Dreams
05 I May Not Be Your Kind
06 The Contortionist
07 Mystery Kids
08 band intros
09 Jump Jump
10 'Til John Lee Hooker Calls Me
11 Modern Lovers
12 Wild in the Streets
13 Spanish Town
14 Christine
15 Hard Rain (Dylan cover)
16 R.O.C.K.
17 encore applause
18 Garland chats
19 NY Skyline
20 96 Tears/I'm Waiting For My Man (Question Mark and Lou Reed covers)
21 Hail Hail Rock & Roll

Running Time: 1:53:16

Maybe the 70's and 80's weren't the barren musical wasteland that many rock historians profess.
Garland Jeffreys was surely one of the bright spots. For forty years he's been mining a genre-crossing
vein of rock, soul & reggae and doing it with a cinematic style unlike any other artist.
And, to this day, his latest work continues to show up on critic's best-of lists.

This full-band set mixes the old and the new, and shows what a fine live performer he is.
It's a great recording too- check out the samples.

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A Team FLOYDZ recording.
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