Garland Jeffreys
The Basement
Nashville, TN
November 13, 2013

Excellent audience recording.
Recorded with Edirol R-09
using SP-CMC-8 mics
with STC-9000 Preamp.
Track separation with CDWave.

Recorded from my front sweet spot below a speaker.


Coney Island Winter
35 Millimeter Dreams
I�m Alive
I May Not Be Your Kind
Any Rain
Is This the Real World
The Contortionist
It�s What I Am
�Til John Lee Hooker Calls Me
Mystery Kids
Modern Lovers
Truth Serum
New York Skyline
Moonshine in the Cornfield (a cappella)
96 Tears
Hail Hail Rock �n� Roll
Wild in the Streets


Garland Jeffreys�Vocals
Tom Curiano�Drums and Backing Vocals
Brian Stanley�Bass
Adam Roth�Guitar
Charlie Roth�Keyboards, Harmonica and Backing Vocals

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