Garland Jeffreys
University Cafe
Stony Brook, NY

2 pm show

November 23, 2014

The Ken G. Collection [Vol 186]

Source: Zoom H4n w/internal mics [Wave 44.1] > CD-R

Transfer Lineage:
CD-R > Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > EAC > TLH [sector boundary aligned] Flac Level 8

Traders Den 12/8/14

Volumed Amplified, Channels Balanced and Tracked by George [Upload 357]


Here's something brand new from Garland.

The singer, songwriter is 71 years old and still putting on really good shows.

The recording levels were originally very low.

I've carefully amplified the volume, bringing everything much more closer to the front.

The first song cuts in, otherwise this is the complete afternoon show.

A big thanks goes to Ken for taping and sending me his master.

Enjoy this show from a New York Legend.

01 Coney Island Winter
02 35 Millimeter Dreams
03 Until John Lee Hooker Calls Me
04 Banter
05 I May Not Be Your Kind
06 It's What I Am
07 No Woman, No Cry
08 She Didn't Lie
09 Banter
10 New York Skyline
11 Banter
12 Spanish Town
13 Banter
14 I'm Waiting For My Man
15 Gotta Get Away From This World

Total Time = 66:22 min


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