Garth Brooks
National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham, UK
10th April 1994

Recorded by Soledriver

Someone asked for GB shows...this is the only one I ever recorded. Not my best sounding recording, but a good
representation of the show.
I saw the Wembley show too, but was with a large group of family and it seemed rude...
I queued to get tickets for Wembley as I was taking my two children, aged about 3 and 4 at the time
and wanted them to be up front...first one there, only to be told that I could only buy third row
becuse Brooks' management had a policy of choosing people with bad seats at the back of the hall
to come and sit in the front two rows. I had an exchange of e-mails with the promoter right up until the day of the show,
but to no avail. It wasn't so much the moving people forward that pissed me off, but that I knew that it wuld be
the blonde bimbo lookalikes who would be chosen...and I was 100% correct...the front row was full of them...
It probably did more than the decline in standards of his material to make me not bother again...
but they were a great rocking live act nevertheless and it was a shame that purists took against them for trying to bring
the genre of music into the modern age.There's no such thing as bad music...just stuff that you don't personally enjoy...

Lineage Sony ECM 907 mic > Sony D6 cassette recorder.
Kenwood cassette deck > Tascam DA-20 Mk 2 DAT machine > HHb burnit CDr recorder...some minor EQ
CDr > EAC > Traders Little Helper > Flac8 sector aligned

Disc 1:

01 - Standing Outside The Fire
02 - Rodeo
03 - Papa Loved Mama
04 - If Tomorrow Never Comes
05 - American Honky Tonk Bar Assossiation
06 - The River
07 - We Shall Be Free
08 - What She's Doing Now
09 - Unanswered Prayers

Disc 2:

01 - Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House
02 - The Thunder Rolls
03 - Callin' Baton Rouge
04 - Shameless (Billy Joel)
05 - Intro...
06 - Friends In Low Places
07 - The Dance
08 - Ain't Going Down Til The Sun Comes Up
09 - The Red Strokes
10 - You May Be Right (Billy Joel)

Band line-up: Garth Brooks...Vocals/ Guitar
Ty England...Guitar/ Vocals
Betsy Smittle...Bass/ Vocals
James Garver...Lead Guitar/ Banjo/ Percussion/ Vocals
David Gant...Keyboards/ Fiddle/ Vocals
Steve McClure...Pedal Steel/ Dobro/ Slide Guitar
Mike Palmer...Drums/ Percussion

Feel free to do whatever you like with this recording as long as you don't charge money for it!
MP3, Who Cares? Just remember to support the artists, and live music!!