Garth Brooks
The Center
Kansas City, Missouri
WEDNESDAY, November 14, 2007

Source: Church Audio cardoids> Edirol R-09@16 BIT 44.1 KHZ
Transfer: SD Card > Harddrive > GOLDWAVE >Traders Little helper > FLAC
no other edits have been made, tracks are as they were recorded.
Recorded and Transferred By: Elwood (

Ok folks, early Christmas here. I had planned on not upping this but I have been overwhelmed with requests for it.
This is the second Garth show of the 9 that I have taped and uploaded and I think everyone will love this one.
Lots of really cool covers in here. I have 2 more shows I taped form the series but those didn't come out so well so they are staying locked up.

If this shows up on ebay and you hear a knock on your door, don't be surprised if your seasongs greetings come in the form of a lead pipe in the shape of a candy cane.

This is all stealth, sounds Really good in my opinion, This was the show that was simulcast in all of the theaters
around the world and rebroadcast on GAC a few times. BUT.....The theaters and GAC didn't show the entire encore, there are like 9 or 10 more songs after they cut the live feed.
You get to hear all the gac promo stuff and us doing the commercials for GAC, pretty cool in my opinion.
I was directly under the stacks and 3 feet from the stage right monitor.
This is much much better than my other show and I'm damn proud I got this pull. I almost got arrested on this one friends so enjoy it.
They were taking people off to the side just for recording with cell phones, and I came real close to getting pinched on this one.
In between breaks when they were going from the live broadcast to the regular show security came up to me and asked what
the wires hanging out of my back were. I had no idead they fell down so I calmly explained that I had a heart problem and the were hooked up to my heart monitor.
He seemed suspicious but in missouri they can't ask about any debilitations or inquire as to the nature of any handicaps, it's just illegal here.
Check it out, I doubt anyone else taped any of the shows, I hope someone did, but i'm not holding my breath,
and from what he says this is it for another 10 years.

NO NO NO NO MP3's Keep it as it is unless it's for your use only.

DO NOT upload in MP3 ANYWHERE. Yes, I talking to you!!!, I know you did it once, don't do it again!

Don't sell my tapes, I gave it away, you give it away, that's how it works around here.

(Old Stuff) -> Fever
Two of a Kind
Good Ride Cowboy
The Thunder Rolls
We Shall Be Free
Unanswered Prayers*
The River
Papa Loved Mama
Callin' Baton Rouge
More Than A Memory
Friends In Low Places
The Dance
Ain't Goin' Down > end of live broadcast
Kansas City only Encores

That Summer
Much Too Young
Two Pina Coladas*
Fire and Rain (James Taylor)*
Turn the Page (Bob Seger)*
Unwound (George Strait)*
The Fireman (George Strait)*
Amarillo By Morning (George Strait)*
Piano Man (Billy Joel)*
American Pie (Don Mclean)**

*Garth solo
** Garth Brooks & 17,000+ Fans

01-Old Stuff-Fever.flac:92f4e999bba556a5e2eb0f3db5919a3a
02-Two of a kind.flac:364188a221b18ab182e164848253fb36
04-Good ride cowboy.flac:dd9aad60403ce95d0112193cf76e4950
05-The Thunder Rolls.flac:0a5713cd512d0daea3265835d7cfb474
07-We shall be free.flac:ffc1adcb64ecdac4a1ad69b711b64a9b
08-Unanswered Prayers.flac:4697938c0f0e441736ee67b1b4f0cf05
09-The River.flac:6157837366d49540fc7f7f7d4c049fff
10-Papa Loved Mama.flac:c808196dfe0038055bbc2909372d81a4
11-Beaches of Cheyanne.flac:527746bfa0e7d83b6daccf2bbd784353
12-Callin baton rouge.flac:1fd0dc8881a7b54729cc7a0ada9a4f43
13-More than a Memory.flac:ba58945d245f0c6256ddaf4d0ffb4bcc
14-Friends in low places.flac:f2fb400d62a0d7716e3002e5a5aa5b3b
15-The Dance.flac:25b025f0a877699d6818c1a96e934ee2
16-Aint goin down.flac:add282d5f20ee732b0a734337ec94bc6
17-That Summer.flac:ac6258a5de04175d00364ccf515f2459
18-Much to Young.flac:efe028c75904cce21195d8a62891d88a
19-Two Pina Colladas.flac:127a206ffd0de03da686f1765a7c22ea
20-Fire and Rain.flac:4526739868bc6af9bf38c50d447438df
21-Turn The Page.flac:5ca7f6a14829b1838c6e88258f9f9c53
24-Amarillo By Mornin.flac:20e3a3dc6383ce1aa61a24db9d2a94df
25-Piano Man.flac:db0c908f676894572726c5406a56eda5
26-American Pie.flac:a3b47d73feec0b01932949d8fef52b9d

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