Garth Hudson featuring Sister Maud Hudson
Billboard Live Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
August 2, 2013

0. Introduction
1. Instrumental
2. Something Beautiful Dying
3. Don't Do It
4. Move To Japan
5. Instrumental
6. This Wheel's On Fire
8. Mambo Daddy
9. Whispering Pines
11.The Genetic Method/Chest Fever
12.Happy Birthday
13.The Weight
14.I Shall Be Released

Roland CS-10EM > Edirol R-09 > PC > Goldwave > FLAC frontend (Level 8)

Garth Hudson (Organ, Keyboards, Accordion)
Maud Hudson (Vocals)
Marty Grebb (Bass, Piano, Saxophone, Guitar, Vocals)
Paul Rigby (Guitar, Bass)
Ernest "Ernie" Colon (Drums, Percussions´┐Żj
Steve Sacco (Percussions)

Daniel Lanois (Cake on 11 & Guitar on 14)
Motoharu Sano (Chorus on 14)

Help me name the two unknown songs.
Feel free to remaster and share it as several songs have very low input level.
Feel guilty to sell it on Yafuoku (formerly Yahoo! Auctions) in Japan.