Gary Bartz NTU Troop
Bremen, Germany
pre-FM/EN remaster

01 Nation Time/Juju Man
02 Medley:
Celestial Blues
The Sounding Song
Uhuru Sasa
03 I've Known Rivers
04 Sweet Tooth
05 Peace and Love/Sifa Zote
06 For the Love

Total time: 2:00:47

Gary Bartz - alto & soprano saxophones, vocals
Howard King - drums
Curtis Robertson - bass, vocals
Charles Mims - electric piano, organ, vocals

disc break can go after Track 03

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EN remaster notes:
What a set! Two hours of prime Bartz, pre-FM sourced. I thought it could be a little punchier so I sprinkled some Sound Forge graphic expansion pixie dust upon its grooves, and now it sounds about as good as it can. Enjoy! It's Gary's 74th birthday!

orig. lineage: CDR (preFM) -> xACT
updated lineage 9/26/14: original files > Sound Forge 9 > re-FLAC'd > DIME > you