Gary Clark Jr.
Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
Stage 2

Source: DPA 4061->Tascam DR-07

01 I Don't Owe You A Thing (02:05)
02 Please Come Home (08:08)
03 Times Are Changing intro/"tips for the band" (01:26)
04 Times Are Changing (05:12)
05 When My Train Pulls In/Third Stone From the Sun (15:02)
06 Three O'Clock Blues (08:01)
07 Catfish Blues (07:12)
08 Bright Lights (09:37)

The first track "I Don't Owe You A Thing" fades in and was the second song played that night. No technical malfunctions, I just couldn't get in. It was a free NYC show with a quickly rising artist. Thanks for Gary's manager for getting us in.

There was no real post-production except a little limiting.