Gary Clark Jr
Fillmore Philly
November 1st 2015


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Recorded By : Jerseyboy

Bright Lights
Ain't Messin Round
When My Train Pulls In
Travic County
Hold On
OUr Love
Don't Owe You A Thing
If Trouble Was Money

Cold Blooded
You Saved Me
The Healing
(encore applz)
Please Come Home
Next Door Neighbor Blues

A Sunday night in Philly. The Eagles on a buy week and a SOLD OUT crowd jammed into the Fillmore Philly to see Gary Clark JR! Doors opened early I got there around 7:30pm. I don't know why because I was
a "VIP" this night. No standing for me. I had a seat up in the balcony near the stage. WOO HOO! The crowd was kind of mellow, booze was flowing. The opening act, Black Pistol Fire came on like they were shot out of a canon. around 8:30pm.
A guitar and drums duo - sorta like The Black Keys on meth. They were good for the first few songs but, wore out their welcome pretty quick and, imho were on a bit too long. Their version of Buddy Holly's Well Alright was the final straw for me
(a mix of reggae and speed metal?). Gary came on around 9:30ish and strummed his way into the familiar chords of his now classic hit Bright Lights, Big city and off we go! Four killer songs in a row then he breaks out the new stuff. I gotta admit
it plays better live but, I'm still having a hard time getting into the Falsetto/Curtis Mayfield side. At one point in the show GAry intros a song by lowering his voice to "sexy mode" like Barry White saying "I'm gonna do a love song for you now and then we'll get crazy after that"
The girls screamed! but it wreaked of CHEESE from where I was sitting. I give him credit for going from that style to shredding the guitar on other songs and generally being a crowd pleaser to a very diverse crowd. Overall a killer show! This recording
is NOT a soundboard however I was so close to the stack it may fool you. PLAY IT LOUD and you'll swear you're there!