Gary Clark Jr.
Madison Square Garden
New York,New York
September 7, 2017

Recorded by Daspyknows

Recorded from 19th row dead center
Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2017.68


Back in NY for what may (hopefully not) be the last time I get to see Eric
Clapton. At this point, with all of these artists any time may be the last
time so we need to enjoy it while we can. I arrived the night before and got
to see friends. I woke up Thursday and made my traditional run to Zabar's
to stock the fridge, got everything ready, gave my friend Jay his ticket and
set out for Madison Square Garden. I had no issues getting my gear in, I
got myelf set up and met up with another taper friend who was at the show.
About 15 minutes before Jimmy Vaughan starte I got to me seat. Soon after I
get a frantic text from Jay that his ticket had been used and he was at window
1. I grabbed my backpack, had all my gear on me and found security. I had
realized I had given him a printout of my seat by accident. In 12 minute I was
walking to my seat while Jimmy Vaughan had just started. Luckily only missed
part of one song. After a short break Gary Clark Jr. came out and played a fun
set. Sound wasn't as good as I had hoped but the playing was top notch
including a lively rendition of the Beatles Come Together. Next up was the
real reason for being there. Eric Clapton at the Garden again. After London
I was wondering if the set list would change. My one negative critique of
Clapton is that he doesn't mix up the set lists much despite the huge number
of songs he could play. The firt part of the set was good but not memorable.
The I shot The Sheriff was a little off. He sits down for the acoustic
section of the show and they start showing his hands close up on the screens
as he played. Totally mesmerizing watching him. After a nice version of
Driftin Blues he start Lay Down Sallie which hasn't been played in awhile.
The crowd goes nuts and he seemed to feed off of that. Meanwhile the 4 clowns
in front of us continue to talk and drink. I knew the were idiots my that
point from their converations, constant switching of seats and one of the guys
scratching the neck of the other like a dog. The guy being scratched even
proceeded to say it made him leg move. At one point I tap one of the guys on
the shoulder to try and get his to be quiet. I didn't pay close to $600 to
listen to a couple of idiots talking. It works for a few minute then
they all switch seat again and start talking. I try and get a different guy
to SFTU and it works for a few minutes. Then it starts again and my friend
Jay unloads on them which was classic. They were much more quiet after that
and got out as soon as the show ended. After Layla and Tears in Heaven, Clapton
picks up the electric guitar and leads the band into a version of White Room
that wa working the cost of the ticket. This was the reason to be there. The
rest of the set was really good with a great version of Crossroads and Little
Queen of Spades. The encore was fun with Snshine of Your Love and Before You
Accuse me with Jimmy Vaughan and Gary Clark Jr. All in all a fun show.

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