From the Jayhawks: An Evening with Mark Olson & Gary Louris, Together Again
March 5, 2005
Ramshead Tavern
Annapolis MD


SOURCE: Coresound Lowcost Cards > Coresound Battery Box > Sony TCD-D100 (16-44.1)
TRANSFER: Sony PCM500 Digital Co-ax > MT Microtrack II
PROCESSING: soundforge 9.0 (volume, tracking, fades) > TLH > flac level 8
Taped, Processed, Upped by Kubacheck
Transfer by Popskull

01 Intro
02 Pray For Me
03 I'd Run Away
04 Say You'll Be Mine
05 Poor Michael's Boat
06 One Man's Problem
07 See Him On The Street
08 Walk With Them
09 Sister Cry
10 Senator Byrd Speech
11 Angelyne
12 Cotton Dress
13 Blue
14 Baltimore Sun
15 Poor GW
16 Crowded In The Wings
17 Waiting For The Sun
18 Two Hearts
19 Two Angels
20 She Picks Up The Violets
21 Save It For A Rainy Day
22 Over My Shoulder
23 To Philly I'm Moving Monday*
24 Tailspin
25 End Of The Highway
26 Settled Down Like Rain
27 Ann Jane
28 Clouds
29 Take Me With You When You Go

*unreleased :-)

Gary Louris- guitars, vocals
Mark Olson- bass, guitars, vocals
Mike Russell- keyboards, fiddle
Ray Woods- drums

flac verification files included

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01 Intro.flac:bc7f548337bea95078f95f3b109b637f
02 Pray For Me.flac:9660a2d33ce79a623d8de7646529dfc6
03 I'd Run Away.flac:7e2b1723ed816e15d51b0e5ae78f0182
04 Say You'll Be Mine.flac:426ba110d994ae354eb81da6a1323917
05 Poor Michael's Boat.flac:b8da05164d94b8ebe9343e4e211344e5
06 One Man's Problem.flac:c7f5e9d97fb6227d53f38e2cf518e515
07 See Him On The Street.flac:8740720b3e0045cfd69f265ac54fd19f
08 Walk With Them.flac:26c79ecaadeeca4346a3dbbf24c0a464
09 Sister Cry.flac:e949ea3cc757f1c4978dbec386c893ed
10 Senator Byrd Speech.flac:a195e3d24bdcd3cd005950838f43575a
11 Angelyne.flac:70b7a212d78495cddec4ed3c7b0539a4
12 Cotton Dress.flac:7627c0a33673835dac0a8a55a769946a
13 Blue.flac:58afa40bde65d9fed0dd02cac940ac9b
14 Baltimore Sun.flac:080214fea54e4d67a218a1cbf25b3b42
15 Poor GW.flac:095754d50f502fed84ac293e3ac05871
16 Crowded In The Wings.flac:4bb1ce31fc2c12820343e2e4964ffa70
17 Waiting For The Sun.flac:b133be25b7a01f73614040ac1d85fdee
18 Two Hearts.flac:dd16f85adc738fcc5dab93a5efd627ec
19 Two Angels.flac:9d12d20100c65592728b9607e96d49ee
20 She Picks Up The Violets.flac:d011be0825f9ebf76c615bdefca17d9d
21 Save It For A Rainy Day.flac:1a2c220a30b2d6f346aa6251a247cd42
22 Over My Shoulder.flac:b782d01242fb6c061d84e841a5a72c35
23 To Philly I'm Moving Monday.flac:7cb5690bad4999733ab173fdfe907bc4
24 Tailspin.flac:4f9c0f5b625e884da93148e793ea9bb2
25 End Of The Highway.flac:6d28720ee7f1b329356f0538fdc58475
26 Settled Down Like Rain.flac:9e900dec6710b1050502fdf05173c4f2
27 Ann Jane.flac:676bb311675cfb063bdc89a66c4c7105
28 Clouds.flac:8bbd2bad10fe21b0e335dc73b9ee2c89
29 Take Me With You When You Go.flac:5188454f79ae8708e46f59bbaae6903e

Notes: In honor of the Jayhawks announcing a short January five city tour, I was inspired to dig this uncirculated show out of the archives.... many thanks go to Popskull for the fresh digital transfer..... so anyway, this was one of a handful of shows recorded with a borrowed set of Coresound lowcost cardioids because my previous mic's crapped out a few months before, but they actually did a pretty good job for me while I was using them, and this show came out pretty good, soundwise..... I'm unsure if these CS Cards are the "low sensitivity" variation, but it generally took a very loud show to get levels you usually want to see, and Mark and Gary didn't play that loud... consequently, I had to boost the volume by 20 db's, then declip the clapping... other than that, no eq'ing done, but again, to my ears this is a pretty good recording..... the negatives are that for supposedly being cardioids, they did pick up a lot of chatter around me.... this group of four guys sat down at the next table RIGHT before Gary and Mark went on, and they proceeded to chat like they haven't seen each other for 10 years during the beginning of the show, before my friend Jon finally shushed them.... you hear them intermittently the rest of the show.... boggles my mind why you'd come to a show of this importance and then act like you're in your living room..... you'll also hear the chick, who must've been at my table, with the smokers cough, but mostly between songs.... oh, and the "new" song "To Philly I'm Moving Monday" was a quick spontaneous few bars, complete with words, that they launched into after thinking that they heard someone yell that out while a bunch of people were yelling out requests....