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Still Got The Blues Demoes



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Important notice
One of these tracks has been used for the official release of "Still Got The Blues" in 1990
The track in question "Still Got The Blues" is not included in this torrent.
The two other tracks ended up being re-recorded for the album in very different version with
different musicians. So they havent been available in any official releases

Total running time: 9:16 mins

1.Oh Pretty Woman 4:24
2.Still Got The Blues (REMOVED as this recording was used for the album)
3.Midnight Blues 4:52

The Band

Gary Moore(guitars/vocals)
Bob Daisley(bass)
Brian Downey(drums)
Don Airey(keyboards)

On the "After The War" tour in 1989 Messers Moore/Daisley/ played a lot of blues songs at the soundchecks.
Bob Daisley suggested Gary should do a blues album,and after the tur they called in Brian Downey to record some demoes.

According to Gary Moore all these were done live in the studio.

"Oh pretty Woman" & "Midnight Blues" are here in different versions than the songs that was recorded at the "Still Got The Blues" session.
"Still Got The Blues" however was so good they ended up using the demo as basis for the released version,so that one cannot be shared.

"Oh Pretty Woman" was later recorded with Albert King,and this version has a different arrengement and lyrics than the one released.
The same is the case with "Midnight Blues" this demo working version is much shorter,with a different and much arrangement and slightly different lyrics,and very different guitar parts.

This demo tape is an essential part of music history. The release of the blues album project which at the start was a one off thing,was so sucessful for Mr Moore,that he dropped the hard rock and ended up in the blues for good.

For us who appriciate the hard rock era very much,this demo is actually a curse,as because of this it seems we'll never hear him rock hard again,we have to live on old memories and with his power blues instead.

As usual please keep the recordings circulating in the best possible format and listen to the sample before downloading.

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