Gary Moore
Le Zenith,Paris,France

Very good audience recording.Unknown source.

G.Moore starts the concert jumping around like in the �old� rock days. After (3) he says: �Tonight is being recorded
for a special live album.� �Separate Ways� gets a 5 min. intro. In �The Sky Is Crying� the solo is about
to get out of hand, but GM gets safe home. �Further On Up The Road� has a great �call and response� duel
between GM and Tommy Eyre. The last words in the show are �Thank you, Paris!� as you can hear on the
released track.

1.Cold Day In Hell
2.Since I Met You Baby
3.Walkin' By Myself
4.Story Of The Blues
5.Oh Pretty Woman
6.All Your Love
7.Key To Love
8.Seperate Ways
9.You Don't Love Me
10.Still Got The Blues
11.Too Tired
12.The Sky Is Crying
13.Further On Up The Road
14.King Of The Blues
15.The Blues Is Alright
16.Stop Messin Around
17.Jumpin' At Shadows