Silver Title: A CELEBRATION TO THE BLUES - On - Toast Records As: C-02


Recorded Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, June 28, 1992

Lineage = Silver CD to foobar2000 (EAC did not work on my CD/DVD drive) to FLAC Frontend Level 8 to Dime


01 - Oh Pretty Woman

02 - Too Tired

03 - The Sky Is Crying

04 - Further on Up The Road

05 - Introduction *

06 - Natural Ball *

07 - Lonely Man *

08 - Blues Left Town *

09 - I Don't Know Much About Gamblin' *

10 - So Many Roads (Gary Moore & Otis Rush)

Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 28 Jun 1992

* = Otis Rush Set

This is taken from another of my Silver ROIO's it is an EX. AUD recording considering

it was recorded back in the early 90's. For those seeking sound info I would rate this a

"B" to a B+, although I do not like to rate the shows, I know that some people look for the rating

before DL'ing shows. I uploaded this once before in a box set of shows a couple of years ago.

I checked the tracker and did not find this on it so I thought it was about time I upload it again.

I have also checked to make sure that none of the tracks were official releases on any of the CD

singles from that time and came up with none that have been released. Thanks again to"rideinthel" for

all his help and all his uploads. Cheers Rob

FLAC Fingerprints

01 - Pretty Woman.flac:c55512c617eeff4d0d1e680314c5f49a
02 - Too Tired.flac:92f2763a629df82e0a1bcf9d1021bba9
03 - The Sky Is Crying.flac:85f8aa73809625431a1eefc20ec4023e
04 - Further On Up The Road.flac:3b1e7c0c4507f015647471617dc34580
05 - Introduction.flac:b2d6b03c4974c96626a75225fcd961fc
06 - Natural Ball.flac:220d76fec89d827c93fd4e3ab22e9889
07 - Lonely Man.flac:9562fcfb17e6147c89261267db4aaaf7
08 - Blues Left Town.flac:2cd5d4ff0197642d027bab8b578cc3d9
09 - I Don't Know Much About Gamblin'.flac:e5b42b6a752e545899c49616c08ba421
10 - So Many Roads.flac:6f7aeda9fb4925f3328251f6d32f24e3