Gary Moore

Venue: Rock City, Nottingham, UK - 5th July 1999

Taper: Steven Carr

A fantastic show in excellent sound quality from the original master tape, there was one small snag in that there was a fan placed on the stage blowing over the audience because it was hot. You can hear this in the quieter parts of this recording as my cardioid mikes were sensitive to this. I was quite angry about this as this recording had the potential to be one of the best I have ever made.

Recording made standing from a central position to the left of the mixing desk about 7 metres from the stage.

Equipment Used to record the show - Coresound Cardioid Stealth Microphones and a Sony D8 DAT.

The transfer was made on the 16th May 2009 from the Master DAT Tape with some minor edits and normalising.

The transfer was made using the following equipment: -

Playback via Tascam DA-20 DAT Deck via S/PDIf to digital input of Audiophile 2496 soundcard via high quality Clicktronic interconnects with 24K gold plugs.

The transfer was made at 48KHz 16bit resolution to a single wav file then re-sampled down to 44.1Khz.

The 44.1kHz source was split into individual wav files and saved in FLAC format with no SBE's.

Track Listing: -

01 - Walking By Myself
02 - Oh Pretty Woman
03 - Since I Met You Baby
04 - Tore Down
05 - I Need Your Love So Bad
06 - I Loved Another Woman
07 - All Your Love
08 - Fire (Jimi Hendrix cover)
09 - Still Got the Blues
10 - Too Tired
11 - The Sky Is Crying
12 - Further On Up the Road
13 - The Blues is Alright
14 - Parisienne Walkways

This recording is for all Gary Moore fans and it is for give away or trade only. Please support Gary Moore and DO NOT sell this recording.

Steven Carr - 16th May 2009