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I´ll up a 2DVD set(127min) by Jack Bruce & Friends(feat. Gary, Ginger Baker a.o.) from 02nd&03rd November 1993 at TTD after this ul.
1993-11-02&03 is available as sbd 2CD set so dime allows no ul of the video material.
My source has audio and video from TV broadcast which is to TTD´s rules like my ul of Paul Rodgers 1995-07-08 DVD.
If you like to get that 2DVD set just get a TTD account.

This concert(2000-03-13) was broadcast three times by NDR2 German FM radio.
First one had first part of the show and last encore with "The Blues Is Alright" missing some guitar notes at the very beginning.
second one had first tracks and second part of the show with "The Blues Is Alright" complete and with moderator´s speech two sec after "TBIA".
third one had "TBIA" faded out.
I´ve done my best to bring up a proper recoding of the complete show as it was originally.

If you dl my B.B. King London 1989 ul you may add those flac files on CD2 of this one to get a proper 79+ min CD like I have.

After all that technical blabla just one word: "The Sky Is Crying" from this show is worth the dl alone, unbelievable Gary Moore...

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Gary Moore:

Lineage: NDR2 FM radio broadcast(1990-09-01 on 24th November 1990 and 2000-03-13 on 03rd April, 22nd May and 28th August 2000) > Akai VCR > master VHS´s > playback on LG VCR > Pioneer stand alone CD recorder > 2CD set > EAC(secure mode, enjoy EAC logs in German language) > Wav > Flac Frontend(level8) > Flac (> dime > YOU)
note: to avoid tape flip all FM broadcast were recorded on VHS
Taper: Axel himself
Title: A Different Beat Of The Blues
File Size: 796MB in all (1990-09-01 115MB and 2000-03-13 680MB)
No artwork
Length: 114:05min for all
Information(1990-09-01): http://db.etree.org/lookup_show.php?shows_key=305296
Information(2000-03-13): http://db.etree.org/lookup_show.php?shows_key=84275

CD1: (69:16min)
NDR2 Festival, Lüneburg, Germany, 01st September 1990
01) Announcement
02) Midnight Blues
03) You Don´t Love Me
04) Still Got The Blues ~ Announcement
Length: 21:15min
Gary Moore: Vocals, Guitar
Don Airey: Keyboards
Andy Pyle: Bass
Graham Walker: Drums
Frank Mead: Alto- and Tenor Saxophone, Harmonica
Nick Payn: Bariton Saxophone
Nick Pentelow: Tenor Saxophone
Martin Drover: Trumpet

Große Freiheit 36, St. Pauli, Germany, 13th March 2000
05) Announcement (*)
06) Walking By Myself (*)
07) Oh Pretty Woman (*)
08) Lost In Your Love (*)
09) Need Your Love So Bad (*)
10) Loved Another Woman (*)
11) Since I Met You Baby (*)
12) Surrender (fade out after the tune) (*)
CD2: (54:49min)
01) All Your Love (***)
02) Still Got The Blues (***)
03) Fire (***)
04) Too Tired (***)
05) The Sky Is Crying (***)
06) Further On Up The Road (***)
07) The Blues Is Alright (**)
08) Gary´s Speech ~ Crowd (*)
09) The Prophet ~ Band Introduction ~ Final Thank You (*)
Length: 102:49min
Gary Moore: Vocals, Guitar
Vic Martin: Keyboards
Pete Rees: Bass
Graham Walker: Drums
03rd April 2000 broadcast(*)
22nd May 2000 broadcast (**)
28th August 2000 broadcast (***)

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(Source: NDR2 German FM radio broadcast)

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4b58be25e2bdcf476502675a21a8b0e7 [shntool] gary1990-09-01d1t01.flac
14da5da5ffdec9af64588a6f40bee6ec [shntool] gary1990-09-01d1t02.flac
f8257e3ddeae5a65fcac772a7618f120 [shntool] gary1990-09-01d1t03.flac
2a85c6f2a5c66e567cafb98e1423f5d6 [shntool] gary1990-09-01d1t04.flac
2b6997d395c107585667d1739fd8c77c [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t01.flac
da08c92c12f53f2cf6ea0c706bc99d6f [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t02.flac
9d01ed5571f049f2a112c5cf722595de [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t03.flac
94fce3aed51e97cffbef9dd53b9d667e [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t04.flac
3bedd8645866fc0a92b8c9fb576e6d96 [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t05.flac
684f87784f8b13cf3b2fc9e1fb6fbb6d [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t06.flac
36160eccb12011685ea55a1dbb14baa2 [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t07.flac
ea9e45dd63b98a73d8680068083c7502 [shntool] gary2000-03-13d1t08.flac
dc803f945c55c8458fbf3c93c0abed4b [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t01.flac
8ed7884c82c5c0ee267c28581d166dfd [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t02.flac
6e7d5a90caa01f0e37d09a3a92c3517e [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t03.flac
c82a60b40203cf3badd0004fced111cf [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t04.flac
92814bd234c997de79283ce3b7802a4a [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t05.flac
83778e264140367a417bbc54a9c4f865 [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t06.flac
4e0955ddc87d6be01586515b7221da81 [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t07.flac
11691f1358fdd85d192544d6ccbc188c [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t08.flac
2c6095df0b959c1df38bb9c5a059f10f [shntool] gary2000-03-13d2t09.flac

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0c34a75ffc1651f946435099ddb0e2ef *gary1990-09-01d1t01.flac
ab85bd5b405d9bc8f35ce4ad8b05757c *gary1990-09-01d1t02.flac
d56571c95ddd7c3e5c3c6ff2a9abb81c *gary1990-09-01d1t03.flac
e5d2a579277b8b079d27f201f5b1d952 *gary1990-09-01d1t04.flac
508b6e19dd7be25f42aad78fd0caa34b *gary2000-03-13d1t01.flac
30f20631240c3f1218923d63adb6be8f *gary2000-03-13d1t02.flac
8b571b1f17db2b5cdd6950c12d4162d1 *gary2000-03-13d1t03.flac
70a8b0773d025beea1a154d3f7d6d8de *gary2000-03-13d1t04.flac
4a3c59c42eb2a47cd2ca17fd7d5da486 *gary2000-03-13d1t05.flac
0b2b88622e5483e0bb65007f433f78e5 *gary2000-03-13d1t06.flac
ec5fe56a175ee2fc4041c3b93e7c899f *gary2000-03-13d1t07.flac
87cf318e16eca5400fa011592e8e1eed *gary2000-03-13d1t08.flac
23613067e95276bc1099cd0d1eb89f68 *gary2000-03-13d2t01.flac
6a04d297efbba814ef5c9412753298fa *gary2000-03-13d2t02.flac
4f5b02b5bed2173a770734603ebcab30 *gary2000-03-13d2t03.flac
6386315eea2bc93a322b2f1749341f7b *gary2000-03-13d2t04.flac
747e7ac9ae184a51cd28ad28a89a0931 *gary2000-03-13d2t05.flac
d55f2c51b5b7fdc4988f58c5cab028bc *gary2000-03-13d2t06.flac
c3f591799238675accb557cdf57c6e43 *gary2000-03-13d2t07.flac
8c83d800421713e92ef6a1cba276985b *gary2000-03-13d2t08.flac
eefee78b128b9e374fe05362b5446792 *gary2000-03-13d2t09.flac

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