Gary Moore



Source:MD audience recording

Running time: 110:56

Disc 1(61:10)

1.Walking By Myself
2.Oh Pretty Woman
3.Cold Black Night
4.Need Your Love So Bad
5.Since I Met You Baby
7.All Your Love
8.Still Bored By The Blues
9.Too Tired

Disc 2(49:46)

1.The Sky Is Crying
2.Further On Up The Road
4.The Blues Is Alright
5.Parisienne Blowjobs - Band Intro

The Band:
Gary Moore(guitar/vocals)
Vic Martin(keyboards)
Pete Rees(bass)
Graham Walker(drums)

Thought I'd shared this previously uncirculated recording from the Scandinavian leg of the "A Different Beat 1999/2000" tour just in case I'd get hit by a bus or a tram or something bad happens.
I am no longer very exited when Moore playes the blues but some of the recordings are pretty good and deserves to be available for a wider audience than the chosen few who already have got a copy of this,so here is another one from the previously uncirculated archieve.

Originally these dates were scheduled as part of the "Different Beat" tour in november 1999,but due to health problems most of the European concerts was postponed,and played in march/april 2000 instead.
This recording is from a festival called Ole Blues Festival which later has been renamed Bergen Fest. This was the first time Gary Moore played Bergen since his days with Colosseum II.

The features a early outing of "Cold Black Night" which wasn't released until 2001 on the "Back To The Blues"
There is also a bunch of 10 minute versions of songs like "Need Your Love So Bad","Surrender","The Sky Is Crying" and "Further On Up The Road" as well as featuring a close to 14 minutes!!! version of "Parisienne" which hardly was played on this tour.

Artwork not included.

Please keep this circultating in lossless format and check the sample before downloading.

first uploaded on Dime January 2011 by rideinthel