Gary Moore
Secret Live In London

The Mean Fiddler

Special show case gig

Linage:CD silver->CDR from trade->EAC->FLAC Frontend(level 8)

Running time:108:18

Disc 1(62:54)
1.Enough Of The Blues
2.Cold Black Night
3.You Upset Me Baby
4.Stormy Monday
5.Ain't Got You
6.Picture Of The Moon
7.Looking Back
8.How Many More Times
9.All Your Love
10.Walking By Myself
11.Still Got The Blues

Disc 2(45:24)
1.Too Tired
2.The Sky Is Crying
3.Further On Up The Road
4.Since I Met You Baby
5.The Prophet

The Band:
Gary Moore(guitar/vocals)
Darrin Mooney(drums)
Pete Rees(bass)
Vi Martin(keyboards)

This was a secret showcase gig,played for special invited guest only,so I guess there is a lot of music business people and journalists present ,so there is no annoying audience banter,thank god.

I have been asked to upload some soundboards with Moore playing the Blues,but most of those available cointains either released or scheduled for release material,so I decided to put up this amazing sounding audience recording instead

Originally I recieved this from the taper back in 2001,unfortunately "Too Tired" on 2, had burn errors,and the taper never replaced it. So I put in circulation a slighty shorter set back then.

This is the complete gig,sourced from the same recording,released as bootleg in 2003.

I also had notes of the lineage of this recording,but due to a very malfunctional wife version 1.0,now returned to supplier,all my old trade records from this era disapeared.

I have enclosed a couple of samples for the ones in doubt,if this is good enough to spend bandwith on.

And remember,go out and buy the "Enough Of The Blues" or order it online,and while you are at it,pre-order the collection of his "Montreux" 1990-2001 performances scheduled to be released on DVD in november.

This one is for dannyuk32

And one final message,there is artwork included in the torrent.

For free trade only. Don't sell.
Let the recording do its rounds here before posting the torrent elsewhere
Never convert to lossy formats,and post this in lossy format on hubs
Do not sell on e-bay
Support the recording artist and buy their albums

uploaded by rideinthel on Dime september 2007