Gary Moore
City Hall
Monday 28th May 2007

Title: "You'd Give An Aspirin A Headache"

Support act was Otis Taylor

Audience recording
Taper - Soreballs
Recorded from row in front of mixing desk, approx 1 metre to it's right (i.e. my left)

SP-CMC-2>Edirol R-09>Adobe Audition2/GoldWave>FLAC frontend_8

Disk 1
01. Oh Pretty Woman
02. Hard Times
03. Trouble At Home
04. Since I Met You Baby
05. Midnight Blues
06. Eyesight To The Blind
07. Thirty Days
08. All Your Love
09. I Had A Dream

Disk 2
01. Too Tired
02. Don't Believe A Word
03. Still Got The Blues
04. Walking By Myself
05. The Blues Is Alright*
06. Guitar Instrumental
07. Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore - guitar & vocals
Pete Rees - bass guitar
Vic Martin - keyboards
Brian Downey - drums

Special guest: Otis Taylor - harmonica & vocals*

Artwork included.

There were a few seconds of dead air during some numbers. This happened while GM was tuning his guitar. He did this quite regularly & the crowd in front of me fell quite silent.
I've removed a few seconds of this dead air, but left a little in to try keep a natural balance.
There's also an omnipresent, low level buzzing from Moore's gear during quieter parts. It was quite audible in the hall & was picked up clearly on my recording.

Encode to lossy formats for your own use only.
Please respect my wishes & don't share this or any other of my personal recordings in a lossy format!

Originally uploaded to Dime on ###### 2007 by Soreballs.

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