Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band



Lineage:Lineage:cdr(x)->EAC->Adobe Audition 2.0(remastering,see notes)->TLH(aligned SBE - Flac level 8)

Total running time: 92:14 mins

Disc 1(48:44)

1.Oh Pretty Woman
2.Walking By Myself
3.All Your Love
4.The Stumble
5.Midnight Blues
6.You Don't Love Me
7.Born Under A Bad Sign
8.Still Got The Blues
9.Texas Strut
10.Moving On

Disc 2(43:30)

1.Too Tired #
2.Cold Cold Feeling #
3.Further On Up The Road #
4.King On The Blues
5.Stop Messin' Around
6.Caledonia #
7.The Messiah Will Come Again
8.Band Introduction

The Band:
Gary Moore(guitar/vocals)
Don Airey(keyboards)
Andy Pyle(bass)
Graham Walker(drums)
Frank Mead(saxophone/harmonica)
Nick Payn(saxophone)
Nick Pentelow(saxophone)
Martin Drover(trumpet)

Special Guest(where noted #)
Albert Collins:(guitars/Vocals)

Recording notes:
I suddenly came upon this in the old CDR vault. Havent listened to this in something like 6 years or so and as it needed some fixes and turned out to be a quite decent recording I decided to shar my work on this.
Not sure where I obtained this from, but I believe the guy I traded it from transfered it from tape to CDR before passing it on me.

Remastering notes:
Removed hiss by using heavy EQing at the higher end.
Fixed small tape skips 2:12 into "You Don't Love Me",5:17 & 6:19 into "Texas Strut"
Moved the Albert Collins introduction from the end of disc 1 to the start of disc 2
In addition the encore breaks (after "King Of The Blues", "Stop Messin' Around" & "Caledonia" were basicly edited out and had fadeout/fadeins on the initial recording, I've removed those so the recording now runs smootly.

If any of you out there have any of these audience recordings from the 1990 tour,please share them.

St Davids Hall,Cardiff,Wales May 6th
Apollo,Manchester,England May 8th
Olympiahalle,Munich,Germany May 16th
Liederhalle,Stuttgart May 18th
Stadthalle,Osnabrueck,Germany May 22nd
Congress Center,Hamburg,Germany May 29th
City Hall,Newcastle-upon-Tyne,England June 10th
Radrennbahn Weissensee,East Berlin,Germany August 26th
Grugahalle,Essen,Germany August 28th

Also if anyone has a recording of the Danish TV2 broadcast from Midtfyn Festivalen June 29th 1990,please...put it up.

As always please keep the recording lossless, as Tolvis says "Any wanker converting this true Wave to mp3 will be heavily sedated and get a 2x4 shoved up his rectum"
And please don't make any profit off of this recording, otherwise you'll be reborn as a cockroach in your next life.

uploaded @ DIME July 2009 by Rideinthel