Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band

Beacon Theatre
New York


Unknown audience recording:VG+

Lineage:cdr from trade->EAC->Cool Edit Pro 2.1(speed correcting & minor fixes)->FLAC FRONTEND(level 8)

Total running time:(93:31)

Disc 1(50:48)

1.Oh Pretty Woman
2.Walking By Myself
3.Cold Day In Hell
4.The Story Of The Blues
5.Since I Met You Baby
6.All Your Love
7.Key To Love
8.Seperate Ways
9.You Don't Love Me
10.Still Got The Blues

Disc 2(42:43)
1.Too Tired(start missing)
2.The Sky Is Crying
3.Further On Up The Road
4.King Of The Blues
5.The Blues Is Allright
6.Stop Messin' Around
7.Jumping At Shadows

Gary Moore(guitar/vocals)
Tommy Eyre(keyboards)
Andy Pyle(bass)
Graham Walker(drums)
Frank Mead(saxophone/harmonica)
Nick Payn(saxophone)
Nick Pentelow(saxophone)
Martin Drover(trumpet)
Candy MacKenzie(backing vocals)
Carol Thompson(backing vocals)

I was intending to post this recording a while back,when I fixed it,however I forgot all about it until I cleaned up my HD today,so its time to put it up.

Originally I recieved this in a trade way back when,and its been in the box for shows that needs fixing for quite some years,finally this gig can circulate with correct speed.

On this tour Gary had his biggest band ever,for the first and last time he even had female backing singers with him on the road,a bit over the top IMO.

I havent come about to make art for this yet,so if somebody has the time,please make one and post it in the comments section.

If someone has audience recordings of the 2 gigs at the Royal Albert Hall oct 4 & 5th 1992,please give me a word.
I have a good friend who was there,and have been looking for recordings since....1992

Please listen to the samples before downloading

uploaded on Dime december 2007 by rideinthel

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