gary puckett & the union gap, the grass roots, monkee's
jones beach theater, wantagh, ny 1986-07-17

taper : Joe D'Amico ''aka''Joebeacon

nak 300 mics > sony d-5

nak dragon tape deck > creative extigy soundcard > cool edit pro > flac frontend

i split this show into 3 discs so each band is on there own disc .
i got too the show late and missed the hermets . the sound for the first two bands are good but not as good as the monkees set since it was daylight out still and the guard was right next to me .

disc 1 : gary puckett & the union gap
02-lady will power
03-over you
04-woman, woman
05-this girl is a woman now
06-young girl

disc 2 : the grass roots
01-wait a million years
02-temptation eyes
03-let's live for today
04-two divided by love
05-sooner or later
06-midnight confessions

disc 3 : monkees
01-intro theme song
02-last train to clarksville
03-a little bit me, a little bit you
04-steppin' stone
05- ?
06-no time
07-your auntie grizelda
08-daydream believer
09-sometime in the morning
10-star collector
12-goin' down
13- ?
15- ?
16-that was then, this is now
17-i wanna be free
18-randy scouse git
20-i'm a believer
21-monkees theme
22-listen to the band
23-pleasant valley sunday
24-monkees theme