Gary Wright/Manfred Mann's Earth Band: The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 108

This is not a concert I would have normally attended. My college radio station
was giving away tickets, and with nothing better to do on this Friday night, I
grabbed a handful for my friends and off we went to the Palladium. We certainly
weren't deterred by our busy schedule - Kansas (Vol 2) was coming up on Sunday
and Tangerine Dream (Vol 100) on Tuesday. It's no surprise I didn't do well in
school that semester! The seats were located in the upper balcony, and I always
hated sitting there due to the steep view and poor acoustics. The first act was
John Miles, and even though I liked his song, "Music," I didn't tape the set. I
wasn't really interested in Manfred Mann either, so I started the tape late, watched
the show from a distance, and carried on a conversation with my friend Danny.
Between acts, I heard reports that there were plenty of empty seats in the orchestra.
We already knew that scalpers were selling tickets for two dollars outside. We
moved down for Gary Wright, easily found seats in the rear orchestra, and eventually
moved up to the eighth row. Not surprisingly, the difference in sound quality between
balcony and orchestra is pronounced. The Gary Wright tape is one of my best recordings
at the Palladium, proving once again that Fate has a sense of humor. Get ready to
go keyboard krazy.

April 1, 1977
New York, NY

Recording Equipment: Internal Mic>Sanyo M2533 Tape Deck>(1)Scotch Highlander and
(1) Capitol Musictape>Alesis TapeLinkUSB>Audacity>WAV

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ

Gary Wright:

01 Love Is Alive (4:57)
02 Water Sign (5:28)
03 Better By You Better Than Me (5:35)
04 The Light Of Smiles (3:23)
05 Silent Fury (5:18)
06 Time Machine (7:29)
07 Phantom Writer (5:14)
08 Blind Feeling (5:05)
09 Dream Weaver (4:07)
10 Are You Weepin'>Band Intros (6:53)
11 Can't Find The Judge (8:21)
12 I'm Alright (6:31)

Manfred Mann's Earth Band (opening act - incomplete):

13 Father Of Day, Father Of Night (7:37)
14 Captain Bobby Stout (6:51)
15 Blinded By The Light (7:40)
16 ??? (5:42)
17 The Mighty Quinn (9:06)