Gateway Trio
John Abercrombie- guitsr
Dave Holland- bass
Jack DeJohnette- drums
Onkel Po
Hamburg, Germany
March 13, 1975
total runtime: 188:09 (minutes/seconds, it's over 3 hours)
there is some uncertainty of the set order.
the sequence according to etree listing
and a previous post of this show is
as follows, so this post is too:
disc 1 60:20
1: shadow dance (D. Holland) 35:07
2: unshielded desire (J. Abercrombie/J. DeJohnette) 9:36
3: four winds (D. Holland) 15:13
disc II 75:10
4: E.S.P. (M. Davis) 15:43
5: moor (G. Peacock) 15:36
6: May dance (D. Holland) 17:29
7: backwoods song (with drum solo, D. Holland) 26:43
disc III 52:38
8: Bessie's blues 23:13
9: timeless (J. Abercrombie) 13:26
10: Ralph's piano waltz (J. Abercrombie) 8:35
11: remembering (J. Abercrombie) 7:23
trade cassettes (on 3 Maxell XLII-90 min. tapes, maybe 1st gen.?) >
played on Nak. 300 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
A this and that production.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
I recieved this on cassettes many years ago.
the set order that I recieved it is as follows
and if this order is right, the order of this
may be in the wrong order:
set 1: 67:26
1: May dance 17:29
2: backwoods song (with drum solo) 26:43
3: Bessie's blues 23:17
set 2: 58:11
4: timeless 13:26
5: shadow dance 35:07
6: unshielded desire 9:36
set 3: 62:31
7: remembering 7:23
8: four winds 15:13
9: ESP 15:43
10: Ralph's piano waltz 8:35
11: moor 15:36
I had to guess on which one is "moor" and which is "four winds"
so those titles might be reversed, but moor is slightly longer
than 4 winds so I'm pretty confident all the titles are correct.
the tracking is such so that if reordering is needed for
this, it will not disrupt the continuity or seamlessness
of the recording or have any abrupt starts or ends of
tracks or songs. Either my copy or the one the etree guide
comes from may have had re-ordering done to fit it on cassettes.
although not perfect sound quality, this one is better
than a previous post of this show which was apparently
an attempt to restore a recording with some awful flaws
in it. This one has a few flaws, especially in "Bessie's Blues",
but not as bad or as much as the previous one had. Only a few
individual reductions of noises (FM interference?) were needed
to get this into a listenable, enjoyable (and postable) quality.
A few abrupt applause endings were spliced in to smooth it out,
but none of the songs are cut or had to be spliced together.
I'm sure that wasn't easy with this music.
thanks very much to Chris in Germany for providing this nice
recording of this great trio, their longest show known to exist
in a recording. No Jack DeJohnette show is complete without a
(long) drum solo and there's a nice one in "backwoods song".
based on a few other sources of this show it seems to be the
whole concert (at least, all the music in it).