Gator Country (Former Molly Hatchet & UFO members)
Family Days Festival
Hartwood Acres
Pittsburgh PA. USA
June 21rst 2009

The Details Matter Series
Soundboards Edition Volume 2

A Two-source Soundboard & Onstage Matrix
Recorded, edited and uploaded by Arthur C.(arcme262)

AT933's(Cardioid)>Tascam DR-1>
Sound Desk>Tascam DR-1
edited(Volume, High Pass Filter slight EQ) with Shotcut>
tracked with Audacity>
flac level 8(TLH)

Jimmy Farrar(RIP) - Vocals
Bruce Crump(RIP) - Drums
Paul "Tonka" Chapman - Guitars
Linni Disse - Guitars
Steve Holland - Guitars (filling in for Riff West(RIP))
Steve Chikitas(?)- Bass

Former UFO guitarist Paul Chapman was the newly hired replacement for Duane Rolland(RIP), who had recently passed away.
Riff West(RIP) had prior commitments, and Steve was a two-show temporary replacement.

This gig was a benefit concert for three recently slain Pittsburgh police officers. The policemen were killed in the line of duty, as the result of a single shooting event. During a ceremony before the gig, Gator Country donated a $1000 check to a fund that was established for the surviving families. There were troopers and police officers and their families all over the place, and their local supporters made up a large part of the audience.

Given this context, it might not have been a good idea to perform "Bounty Hunter" on this night. At least not with the original lyrics, which occur right before the guitar solos. So about one minute into the first song, which turned out to be the aforementioned tune, I began to wonder if the band had even thought about this. And "that verse" is coming least supposed to be coming up.

So I'm filming on the stage right beside the band, and I start looking for signs of mutual concern. I am looking at the band members, looking at the tour manager, and I am seeing no indication of panic. "Whew", I think, "They must have talked about this in advance", I tell myself. Then, the time arrives, and out Jimmy roars... "DID YOU KNOW FIVE-HUNDRED DOLLARS WILL GET YOUR HEAD BLOWED OFF...IT WILL!! HA HA HA!".

OMFG!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!

After it quickly sunk in what had just taken place, I noticed that I wasn't the only one onstage profusely sweating....and not from the heat! Fortunately, all of the worst-case scenarios that brewed in our heads the next few minutes never actually materialized, and it turned out to be a really good show.

101.Bounty Hunter
102.All Over Now
103.Gator Country
104.Whiskey Man
106.Bloody Reunion
107.Mystery Train
108.Beating The Odds
109.Rock Me Baby
110.One Mans Pleasure
112.Flirting With Disaster
113.Encore Break
114.Long Tall Sally
115.Boogie No More