Gavin James-2012-2016 Radio Broadcasts In Ireland Recived From Off Air FM Using A Whip Antanna.

Gavin James, is an Irish singer-songwriter. In the year 2013 and 2016 he won
the Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year award.2015 saw him issue his EP called For You.
2015 also saw him issue his first long player called Bitter Pill.

RTE Radio One 88.5 FM Live Outside Broadcast Stage Transmission.
Joe Duffey Christmas Eve Program Grafton Street Dublin.
01 Have a Merry Christmas.

Today Fm Live 7 March 2013 Vicker Street Venue Dublin.
Choice Music Prize 2012 Song Of The Year Award.
02 Say Hello.

RTE Radio One 88.5 FM live 20 June 2013.
John Muarry Program In Studio Session.
03 Say Hello.
04 Get Lucky.

RTE Radio One FM Live 20 December 2013.
John Muarry Program In Studio Session.
05 Have a Merry Christmas.

RTE Radio One FM Broadcast 29 September 2013.
Southwind Blows Program Other Voices Session.
06 For You

RTE Radiuo One 88.5 FM Live 4 December 2013.
John Muarry Program Studio Session.
07 Remember Me.
08 For Me.

Today FM 100.9 FM Broadcast 30 December 2015.
End Of Year Session Program.
Session From Ian Dempsey Program December 2015.
09 Bitter Pill.

RTE Radio 2FM 90.7 Live 23 December 2015.
2 FM Christmas Party 3 Arena Dublin
Direct From Stage Transmission.
10 For You.
11 Coming Home.
12 Bitter Pill.
13 Wonderful World.
14 For You.

RTE Radio One 88.5 FM Live 25 December 2016
South Wind Blows Program Dingle Studio Session.
15 Have A Merry Christmas-Fairytale Of New York.
16 The River.

Today FM 100.9 Live 18 May 2016.
Broadcast From London UK Studios.
17 Nervous.

Interview Segments.
18 Interview Today FM 7 March 2013.
19 Interview With Miriam O Callaghan RTE 20 June 2013.
20 Interview With John Muarry RTE 20 DEcember 2013.
21 Interview With Dan Hegerty RTE 4 September 2016.
22 Interview With Philip King RTE 25 December 2016.
23 Interview With Mat Copper Today FM 18 May 2016.

Broadcast Segments End.

Transfer Infomation.All Tracks From Off Air FM Recived On A Sony Cfd S33l Unit Ear Out Using A Stereo Fly Lead.
To Line In Input Audigy Soundforge As Wav Files At 44 Khz To Hard Drive.Traders Little Helper Flac Level 8 To Internet.

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