The Gawler Family
The Skye Theater Performing Arts Center
Carthage, Maine
December 26, 2012 � Wednesday

Oktava MC-012 > Naiant Littlebox > Sony PCM-M10 [24/96]
Recorded by Bill Koucky from the center of the floor 20' from stage 15' High
Mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 dithered to [16/44.1]

John Gawler � Banjo, Harmonica, Mouth Harp
Ellen Gawler � Fiddle
Molly Gawler � Fiddle, Viola
Edith Gawler � Fiddle, Banjo
Elsie Gawler � Cello
Damon Honeycutt � Drum
Bennett Konesni- Guitar

** 16 Bit **

1st Set:

1.Introduction Phil McIntyre
2.Fiddler's Hymn
3.Molly welcomes all
4.Grey Funnel Line
5.tuning, John introduces...
6.The Wild Hog In The Woods
7.Golden Willow Tree
8.Ellen introduces...
9.Quebec Fiddle Medley
10.Introducing Damon Honeycutt...
11.Walkin' Boss
12.Edith introduces...
14.Elsie speaks adapting a Holman Day poem to write...
15.The Song of The Harrow and The Plow
16.Molly introduces...
17.Stormy Weather
19.Reel De la Savougine / Road to Erogie

2nd Set:

1.Swedish Cattle Calls
2.Introduction Phil McIntyre
3.Sailors Prayer
4.John introduces...
5.Orphan Girl
6.Bennett teaches the audience to sing...
7.My Girl's Waiting For Me (River Driving)
8.Molly introduces...
9.Traveling Shoes
10.John speaks about...
11.Pony Boy / French Canadian Reel
12.Tuning and a few jokes...
13.Alice And Jessie
14.Molly introduces the band
15.Fall On My Knees
16.Ellen thanks all...
17.30 Year Jig / Reel de Montague
18.callback and John teaches the audience...
19.My Peace
20.�stay for the square dance...�