Gay & Terry Woods
1976-09-22 _ Dublin, Ireland _ unknown club _ (M1-AUD *Remastered UPGRADE*)
(acoustic trio line-up)

~*~ Mk2 version carefully remastered fixing various issues, more accurate pitch correction, without EQ ~*~

01. --introduction--
02. When The Time Is Right
03. --song intro--
04. Under The Ewe Tree
05. --song intro--
06. Side Tracked
07. Love Is Like A Burden
08. --song intro--
09. Sorry Friend
10. Save The Last Dance For Me
11. --song intro--
12. Radio Man
13. Dublin Town
14. --song intro--
15. When The River Runs Dry
16. That Ain't So
17. --song intro--
18. One More Time
19. --song intro--
20. Song For The Gypsies
21. --song intro--
22. If I Was A Blackbird
23. --song intro--
24. I Missed You

25. --song intro--
26. Greenwood Sidee
27. --song intro--
28. The Hymn

Total Time ::: 1:06:24

::: Very nice AUD that could use a bit o' bass. Check samples for timbre or shiver yr timbers as the case may be.
::: WARTS: Taper cut off deck between most songs, omitting clapping but keeping inbetween song dialogs. Fixed dropouts & dullspots but surely missed a few. Some minor Beta transfer artifacts in the background at times but they ain't too bad.
::: COMPARISON CLAUSE: The original 2011 upload shall now be known as the Mk1 version & is entirely obsolete.
::: COMPARISON CLAUSE: DIFFERENT show than Gay&Terry Woods 1976-03-20 Dublin show I also uploaded.
::: Most songs have rather long meandering intros, often with stories, so traxsplits are set up so you can opt for only music if you wish.
::: Steeleye Span founders & post-Woods Band here (& Terry is ex-Sweeney's Men & pre-Pogues here). Joyful first class folkrock rivaling anything out there. Don't miss it!
::: The same year their Polydor albums "The Time Is Right" & "Renowned" were released.
::: Guitarist David Morrison gives us 2 of his own songs, #09 (David with Gay & Terry) & #10 (David solo).

Recording Information ::: "large" Marantz cassette recorder with built-in microphones -> master, (narrow) stereo, normal bias cassette, Dolby off -> Sony SL-HF750 Super Beta hi-fi -> 1st generation Sony Betamax L750 tape.

Playback circa 1994 ::: master cassette, Dolby off -> Sony SL-HF750 Super Beta hi-fi -> 1st generation Sony Betamax L750 tape.

Playback 2011-10-18 ::: 1st generation Sony Betamax L750 tape played back on Sony SL-HF750 Super Beta hi-fi -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (many hours! fades &/or glitches, many shutoffs between songs, volume adjustments on microphone bumps, clapping & laughter, a little buzz -> CD Wave (track splits) -> flacs (TLH) -> yr ears. (original version uploaded Dec. 2011).

Remastering 2016-02-xx ::: flacs -> wavs (TLH) -> Audacity [normalisation to remove DC offset, channel/phase alignment, fades, manual one-at-a-time glitch, bump, pop, click, many mike noises, dropout & dullspot repairs, clap reduction, volume adjustments, -2% averaged pitch (speed) fix with single pass after frequency analysis & with pitchpipe verification, NO equalisation] -> CD Wave (track splits) -> flacs (Trader's Little Helper) -> yr ears. First uploaded week of 2016-02-27.

Line-up ::: Terry Woods - acoustic guitar, concertina, vocals // Gay Woods - mandolin, autoharp, vocals // David Morrison - acoustic & slide guitar, vocals.

Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

DimeTravel 278 ::: Thanks to the original taper, Mr Smith, an enthusiastic music lover of the first order! ::: Corrections welcome ::: Thanks to Zongo for taper introductions & tape assistance. This is high on the pinnacle of the folkrock scene. Take this along with yer fave Pentangle, Fairport, Steeleye & Incredibles to the desert island of yer choice (and wish you had perfect live gigs of Trees, Spriguns, Forest, Dr. Strangely Strange & C.O.B. to add to the mix). Astounding musical perfection. If you don't have their albums & don't know where to start, check out the CD collection that's around.

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