Gene Roddenberry
Inside Star Trek

Master cassette recording of a 1976 Columbia Records LP. Cassette from the collection of Bob Hamilton which found its way to me through bigdaddybflo.

Lineage: TDK SA-X 60 (M) > JVC TD-W354 playback deck > Adobe Audition 1.5 (recording to 24/96 .wav, click and crackle repair, various other tricks, peak limiting, splits & fades) > Xrecode III (conversion to 16/44.1) > TLH (sector alignment, flac 8)

First let me say that I am posting this here knowing it is a copyrighted legal release. I am using the logic that it has been out of print for so long that it's fair game at this point. It's also a vitally important document to Trekkies everywhere (I refuse to use the modern term Trekkers. To be a Trekker you'd have to have been on one of the shows, not just a spectator. Watchers are Trekkies. Participants are Trekkers. 'nuff said), as it gives details about Spock's conception never mentioned anywhere else. These details are so revelatory that I even changed Spock's Wikipedia page to reflect them (citing this album as a reference).

An interesting curio in which Gene tries to keep the Star Trek legend alive, likely as preproduction secretly began on ST:TMP

Click repair and tracking done with Adobe Audition 1.5. A good deal of work was done remastering this to make it presentable. There was a great deal of surface noise on this album. There still is, but it's better.

The last track was originally in stereo, but had a wicked print through on the left channel where a distorted echo of the channel was ruining the recording. The right channel is all that was preserved, and except for the final musical part this track is in mono.

The interview tracks with Shatner, Kelley and Isamov had no sound effects behind them like the one with Sarek (likely they were there to give the impression of Sarek being interviewed on a starship), and all the interviews were recorded with Gene on the right channel and the interviewee on the left. I silenced the spaces between the dialogue in each channel to get rid of leakage and surface noise, then blended the channels slightly to fill in the silence.

The public speaking parts of the album have had the channels blended a little bit to de-emphasize the flutter introduced by an obviously well played cassette.

Remaining pops were cleaned up manually.

Details following courtesy of

A1 Inside Star Trek
A2 Theme From Star Trek
Arranged By, Conductor � Charles Callelo
Composed By � A.Courage, G. Roddenberry
Written-By � A. Courage, G. Roddenberry
A3 William Shatner Meets Captain Kirk
A4 The Origin Of Spock
A5 Sarek's Son, Spock
A6 The Questor Affair

B1 The Enterprise Runs Aground
B2 Mc Coy's RX For Life
B3 The Star Trek Philosophy
B4 Asimov's World Of Science Fiction
B5 A Letter From A Network Censor
B6 The Star Trek Dream : Ballad I - Ballad II - Ballad III
Producer � Don DeVito
Written-By � R. Mason

Art Direction � Ron Coro
Design � John Kehe
Engineer � Bob Schoppe, Don Young, George Bell, Pete Daurria, Russ Payne, Stan Tonkel, Vladimir Miller
Featuring: Interviewee � DeForest Kelley, Isaac Asimov, Mark
Lenard as Sarek, William Shatner
Featuring: Interviewer, Speech � Gene Roddenberry
Photography By � Fred Valentine
Producer � Ed Naha

Audio content is segued and includes excerpts from a live Gene Roddenberry monologue, studio-recorded interviews and dramatizations (with actors in and out of character), sound effects from the show, music, and spoken-word intro and outro by Roddenberry. Inner sleeve has notes, credits, and profiles of Roddenberry and the actors on the record. Some copies have a sticker on the outer shrink wrap.

Info on sleeve reverse:
Ballads I and II previously released on Columbia Album "Stardrive, Featuring Robert Mason"
? 1974, 1976 CBS Inc./� 1976 CBS Inc./Manufactured by Columbia Records/CBS, Inc./51 W. 52 Street, New York, N.Y./�"Columbia," Marcas Reg.

Info on inner sleeve: � 1976 CBS Inc.
Info on labels (both sides): ? 1974, 1976 CBS Inc.
Info on label (A): TT: 26:05
Info on label (B): TT: 30:29