Gentle Giant
Derek Shulman: vocals
Gary Green: guitar
Kerry Minear: keyboards
Ray Shulman: bass
John T. Weathers: drums

The Agora
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
May 13, 1980
source: master audience tape
runtime: 73:09 (minutes/ seconds)

1: convenience 4:33 (cuts in slightly)
2: all through the night 4:21
3: free hand 8:17
4: memories 8:03
5: the advent of panurge 9:00
6: giant for a day > 5:10
7: inside out 6:53
8: it's not imagination > 3:56
9: underground > drums
and encore applause with band introductions 11:31
10: encore 1: for nobody 5:18
11: encore 2: number one 5:43

unknown mono cassette deck and mic >
(nothing great, but not too bad either)
Maxell XLI cassette master >
Tascam 112 > soundforge (16 bit/ 44.1 khz wav) >
flac 8 (sb's aligned)

The levels in part of it were a bit low, but that's all fixed now. It's
all evened out as it should be, but there is a little bit of background
noise (could be tape hiss, probably P.A. noise, the sound at this show
did not seem to be as good as usual for a GG show. Could just be that
the acoustics in the Agora are lousy or taper didn't have a real good
seat at the concert.) It's not overbearing by any means. Just doesn't
have quite the usual master recording fidelity but I suspect due to
cheesiness of the mike or deck or the use of Dolby (?) which sometimes helps,
more often ruins, a good recording. I don't know if this recorder had dolby.
Thanks much to Russ in Ohio for the recording.
He did a good job not shuffling around and getting this recording.
It does sound better now than it did straight from the master.
This is almost the full Cleveland 1980 show at the Agora. It's
missing the first minute or so (maybe less), of Convenience. This show
lacks the almost inevitable transition from Convenience > All through
the night due to feedback problems onstage.
I think they only did one show in Cleve. This is for those of you who
can't get enough of them. It's actually a fairly decent recording, he
flipped the tape just after Inside Out, the logical place to do it on
this tour. There were some feedback problems in the 1st song (sound
problems, not recording problems) but it gets better after that.
It's an enjoyable show, seems to get better as they get the sound together.
This guy liked to use Dolby, I'm not sure if he did on this recording or not
(particularly if his deck had Dolby)
no noise reduction or eq was used in the mastering of this recording.
Do not sell this recording.
share freely and losslessly.