Geoff Achison and the Sydney Souldiggers
31 October 2009
The Vanguard
Sydney Australia

SP-CMC-20 > SP-SPSB-1 battery box > Edirol R-09 (16bit 44.1khz) > USB > Macbook Pro > Sound Studio (amplify left channel 4.00dB, tracking, fades) > xACT > fix SBEs > FLAC

Set 1 [61:09]
01 Can't Get You Off My Mind (?)
02 talk/intro >
03 Apparatus
04 band intro, intro to >
05 Woman Across The River [Freddie King] > band intro
06 intro >
07 Hold On, I'm Coming [Isaac Hayes, David Porter > Sam & Dave]
08 intro >
09 Each Long Day
10 intro >
11 Sent To The Edge
12 intro >
13 My Little Bag
14 intro >
15 One Ticket, One Ride
16 intro >
17 The Same Old Blues

Set 2 [82:05]
01 Mystery Train [Junior Parker, Sam Phillips > Elvis Presley]
02 intro >
03 Crazy Horse
04 Rule The World
05 intro >
06 Whipping Post [Gregg Allman > Allman Brothers]
07 intro >
08 Souldigger
09 intro >
10 Stepping Stones
11 Chasing My Tail
12 intro >
13 The Bridge
14 thanks + intro >
15 Jungle
16 applause
17 intro >
18 Overtime

For 2CD burn: include Mystery Train on disc 1

Geoff Achison: guitars, vocals
Adrian Keating: violin
Steve Sampson: bass
Julia Day: drums
Hanna Oblikov: cello

I recently discovered Geoff's music at the suggestion of a friend who gave me a DVD with a bunch of shows from the Archive. It only took a listen to one to convince me to get along to the Vanguard on Saturday night. This may be the only recording of Geoff with the Sydney line-up of the Souldiggers.

Recorded from the front row of the mezzanine/balcony. No audience chatter, nearby polite applause and occasional tinkly sounds from the diners below. Eating a meal while a performer's on stage has always seemed weird to me, but that's how the Vanguard is - 80 per cent of the space is taken up by a restaurant. Those who are there just for the music get a small upstairs area, or stand around in front of the noisy bar, dodging waiters.

Opening artist was Leanne Paris.

Check out the Live Music Archive for shows with Geoff's other bands:

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