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George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet
with special guest Archie Shepp
Lugano Estival Jazz
Piazza Riforma
03 july 1984

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01 - City Gates (13:55)
02 - Samba for now (11:55)
03 - I could really go for you (13:05)
04 - Solitude (13:52)
05 - God has smiled on me (07:32)

01 - Thank you very much Mr. Monk (27:07)
02 - Seriously speaking (29:57)

Line up
George Adams: tenor sax, flute, vocals
Don Pullen: piano
Cameron Brown: bass
Danny Richmond: drums, vocals

Archie Shepp: tenor sax

El solar wrote some names from his want list a while back; we found this special recording which features some of them. Personal listening experience says the meeting did not bring the results we might have expected. But we did read the Estival book, and we quote, more or less:
"The quartet came back after that memorable night in 1980 (...). Perhaps it was a mistake to have Archie join them in their second appearance. Truth is they did not get along well. Before the end of the concert Archie left the stage and walked solitary and drunkenly the Via Nassa, blowing his sax in the dark...

Archie is not singing the blues here, carville. George is though, and he's great at it. And Danny is displaying some very good gospel singing. And when the quartet plays their stuff, they are fantastic!

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