George Harrison

14 November 1974 afternoon show

Tucson Community Centre
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Source - unknown publisher/version

Not a bad recording (the review below notwithstanding! This isn't the same version, although the original tape is evidently the source for all versions) of George Harrison's afternoon show at the Tucson Community Centre on 14 November 1974. The show circulates as the afternoon show, and who am I to argue, but when he says "Evening, Tucson!", it does raise suspicions that it's the evening show... The sound is clear enough, and the show is useful for identifying the Indian songs, as they are nearly all introduced by name. The audience responds very positively to the Indian section and Billy Preston's numbers - less so towards the reinterpretations of the Beatles covers, although crowds do of course get more enthusiastic as shows progress.

Disc 1 (73:49)

1. Hari's on Tour (Express) (Harrison) (5:04)
2. While my Guitar gently weeps (Harrison) (6:10)
3. Something (Harrison) (4:24)
4. Will it go round in Circles (Preston) (4:28)
5. Sue me sue you Blues (Harrison) (5:43)
6. Zoom zoom zoom (Shankar) (7:10)
8. Naderdani (Shankar) (6:29)
9. Cheparte (Shankar) (6:44)
10. Anourag (Shankar) (14:00)
11. I am missing you (Shankar) (7:09) Indian musicians introductions
12. Dispute and Violence (Shankar) (6:01)

Disc 2 (1:17:55)
5. For you Blue (Harrison) (3:56)
6. Give me Love (Give me Peace on Earth) (Harrison) (4:06)
7. In my Life (Lennon/McCartney) (6:20)
8. Tom Cat (Scott) (4:39)
9. Maya Love (Harrison) (5:14)
10. Nothing from nothing (Preston/Fisher) (4:02)
11. Outta Space (Preston) (6:17)
12. Dark Horse (Harrison) (4:55)
13. What is Life (Harrison) (6:34)
14. My sweet Lord (Harrison) (7:33)

Show identifier - CD1 Track 01, 0:29 "Evening Tucson"

Bootlegzone review of Green Grape version:
"It appears to be the evening show. Not only is the full Indian set played, but George says "Evening Tucson" at the 0:28 mark of "Hari's on Tour" (he says "Good afternoon" during matinees). There is a loud series of whistles at the end of this song, which also helps identify the show. The sound is pretty awful. A lot of wow and flutter, especially noticeable on the [more distinct] higher notes, and the vocals, even spoken word introductions, and muffled and indistinct. The crowd isn't too audible, on the whole. There is a brief tape squeal at 1:48 of "While my guitar gently weeps"." Aidanymous, Jan 2008

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George Harrison (Guitar)
Robben Ford (Guitar)
Willie Weeks (Bass Guitar)
Andy Newmark (Drums)
Billy Preston (Keyboards)
Emil Richards (Percussion)
Tom Scott (Horns)
Chuck Findley (Trumpet)
Jim Horn (Saxophone)

Indian musicians:
Ravi Shankar (Sitar)
Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute)
Rijram Desad (Percussion & Strings)
T.V.Gopalkrishnam (Mridangam & Vocal)
Gopal Krishn (Vichitra Veena)
Sultan Khan (Sarangi)
Kartick Kumar (Sitar)
Kamalesh Maitra (Percussion)
Satyadev Pawar (North India Violin)
Alla Rakha (Tabla)
Harihar Rao (Percussion)
Lakshmi Shankar (Vocal)
Viji Shankar (Vocal)
Shivkumar Sharma (Santoor)
L.Subramaniam (Violin)

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