Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
Merlefest, Main Stage
Wilkes Community College
Wilkesboro, NC

Source: Labeled SBD > DAT(s) (see note)
Transfer: Transfer #2 DAT > DA20-mkII > coax > Delta Dio 2496 > Wavelab 5.01 @ 16/48; removed digisnits; tracking
Finalize: Wavelab 9.5 (EQ, levels)

01. introduction
02. Orphan Girl
03. One More Dollar
04. Tear My Stillhouse Down
05. Traveling On The Stormy Deep
06. Annabelle
07. My Morphine
08. By The Mark
09. Acony Bell
10. Caleb Meyer

11. Red Clay Halo

Thanks to Mr. Zeau for the DAT, who probably got it from Mike Clark. Labeled "SBD" but it probably isn't. Instead, it's a close-to-stage audience with a narrow stereo image. You can occasionally hear people talk to each other and the applause is too sharp and close to the mics to be from a SBD unless this is a very odd SBD, or maybe someone was sitting right at the musicians' stage mics.

The original recording was a little dull, with too much signal around 200 Hz and not enough above 2000 Hz. Some light EQ brings a better balance. The DAT had a few digisnits which have been removed, but there are a few spots of what sounds like static. They might be, or they might be something moving around near the mics. At the end of each song, typically, there is a brief rumbling noise, which sounds a bit like wind noise (but isn't). I suspect is motion as people start to applaud. These are all very minor distractions, though.


--mhg :: 2019-03-23