the Good Old Boys w/ Peter Rowan
Feb 25, 1976 Early and Late Shows
at the Other End
N.Y.C., NY

SBD analog reel master (ex Jerry Moore) > Aiwa portable DAT (ex Jerry Moore) > (S/PDIF) Tascam CD-RW4U (KP)
CD-R > wavelab > flac (KP)

Frank Wakefield - Mandolin, Vocals
David Nelson - Guitar , vocals
Peter Rowan - Mandola, Vocals
Tom Stern - Banjo
John - fiddle
Rick - Bass fiddle

Early Show / disc 1:
01. intro ... instr.
02. How Mountain Girls Can Love
03. Blue & Lonesome
04. Deep Elem Blues
05. Johnny the Blacksmith
06. Hobo Song
07. Knockin' on Your Door
08. the New Camptown Races
09. Counting On David
10. the Old, Old House
11. Midnight Moonlight
12. Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player #17
13. mando instr.
14. Jesse James

Late Show / disc 2:
01. instr.
02. Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
03. Dark Hollow
04. instr.
05. Panama Red
06. Back Up & Push
07. Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake
08. *Rosalie McFall
09. *Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
10. *instr.
11. *In the Pines
12. *New York City Waltz
13. *Jesus Loves His Bluegrass Band #1
14. *Land of the Navajo
15. tuning
16. Pistol Packin' Mama

*Vassar Clements - fiddle

Thank you Jerry for making and sharing these marvelous recordings and for transfering them to DAT for me (back in 1992).
Very little was done to alter the original recording: the initial A/D conversion made by Jerry had strong, balanced levels;
the DAT to CD-R was a dircet digital transfer tracked on the fly (KP).
The audio files were extracted and clean up w/ Wavelab 4.01 and then converted to flac level 6