Gordon Lightfoot
Warner Brothers Demos
Nov.'64-April '66

01. River Gal
02. The Martyred Children
03. Anything My Woman Does
04. Too Much Too Lose
05. The Lost Children
06. When Spring Is O'er The Land
07. Echoes Of Heroes
08. A Love That's True
09. Things They Say
10. A Ring And A Secret
11. Try To Count The Tears
12. That Innocent Look
13. Two Kids From Cabbage Town
14. Somebody Told A Lie
15. Yes I Will
16. Red Roses And You
17. Betty Mae's A Good Time Gal
18. A Few Moments Ago
19. Rosey And Me
20. The General Store
21. Sands Of Time
22. Prettiest Time Of Her Life
23. Sweet Temptation
24. New Day
25. The Last Hand
26. Don't Be Sorry
27. Roll On
28. An Old Friend
29. Fox Fire
30. It's Better That Way
31. Weep Not For Me
32. Crossroads

Gordon Lightfoot recorded these demos for WB during his stay at United Artists and about the time
he recorded his first album there. Believed is that there might be some rejected songs from these sessions
included here.

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January 21, 2005
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A really nice collection of no less than 31 early Gord demos. Out of these only
two have been heard before...The Lost Children was later recorded live in 1969
and released on Sunday Concert...Too Much to Lose surfaced on the boxset but
that's a 1972 outtake from Old Dan's Records (and by the way that track appeared
erroneously on some of the 8-tracks of that album). Sound quality is not the
best but I cleaned it up as best I could.

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