Gordon Lightfoot
Red Rocks Ampitheatre: Morrison, Colorado
July 12, 1975
AUD - B+

*Original notes from original poster

This is an audience recording. Part way through the set
Lightfoot complained there wasn't enough volume so the
soundman bumped up the gain. One of the rare concerts
without Barry Keane on drums. 2 set concert put onto one
CD. Includes a decent copy of Partners and Stone Cold
Sober which was introduced by GL as a brand new song.
Cherokee Bend which was on the source CD was deleted as
it was only a partial track of 1 min.

CD-R DbPowerAmp-Wav-Adobe Audition-SHN

Track Listing

Carefree Highway
Bend in the Water
All The Lovely Ladies
Christian Island
The Watchmasn's Gone
Don Quixote
Old Dan's Records
Rainy Day People
The Auctioneer

If You Could Read My Mind
Fine as Fine Can Be
Stone Cold Sober
Early Morning Rain
Mother of A Miner's Child
The Last Time I Saw Her
Sit Down Young Stranger
Canadian Railroad Trilogy